Pro-Collagen Green Fig Cleansing Balm

Reminiscent of a Mediterranean summer’s evening, our No.1 bestselling cleanser now features a blend of ripe, green and earthy notes of Fig, Raspberry and Bergamot.

Journey through three indulgent textures in one formula. The rich balm melts into a luxurious oil when gently massaged into the skin, before transforming into a hydrating milk on contact with water. The unique formula effortlessly removes long-wear makeup, daily grime and surface pollutants, and deep cleanses and softens as a facial mask.

Packed with a trio of nourishing plant oils, Elderberry, Optimega™ and Bee Friendly Starflower oil, and our superhero algae Padina Pavonica, leaving skin feeling soft, hydrated, and glowing.

Energise your senses whilst you cleanse, for an uplifting spa experience at home.

Mineral oil-free formula.


97% Agreed this product quickly and easily removes makeup, daily grime and visible pollutants*

98% Agreed this product left their complexion looking refreshed*

96% Agreed that after using this product their skin appeared soft & supple*

95% Agreed this product left their skin feeling deeply cleansed*

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How to Use

Step 1

Warm an almond-sized amount of the balm into the skin, massaging over the face, neck and decollete with light circular movements, loosening the balm into an oil.

Step 2

Moisten fingertips and continue to massage so that the oil emulsifies into a milk.

Step 3

Either rinse off with water or remove with a cleansing cloth.

Step 4

Leave on for 10-15 minutes, once a week, as a nourishing facial mask.


Starflower Oil

Grown and pressed in the UK, this oil has a rich natural source of Gamma Linolenic Acid, which helps soften skin whilst increasing firmness and smoothness.

Elderberry Oil

Contains essential Fatty Acids and other nutrients that act as natural antioxidants to promote radiant-looking skin.

Optimega™ Oil

This blend of wheatgerm and oat oils has been shown to help reduce transepidermal water loss and increase the skin’s feeling of smoothness.

Padina Pavonica

A brown algae found on the Mediterranean coast that is known to support the feeling of hydration.